Liquid dubstep

Going Quantum's music is really good and does a podcast with guest mixes. his music encompasses trance, dubstep, and electro.


Right or Left, the brain test.

Alright I enjoy taking these tests that try and tell you about yourself. I do not hold their opinion with absolute certainty, but I do find it interesting anyways. Check out the site see what they think you think.

According to this my left brain has dominance.

Left Brain                 Right Brain
    56%                           44%

Your Left Brain Percentages
  46%Logical (Your most dominant characteristic)
  11%Linear (Your least dominant characteristic)

Your Right Brain Percentages
  55%Concrete (Your most dominant characteristic)
  12%Random (Your least dominant characteristic)


Fur Elise.

Fur Elise or Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor is one of Ludwig van Beethoven's most popular compositions. The point being I am trying to learn this on guitar and feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew. I do not have the dexterity necessary to perform this piece of music, but I shall prevail. 



Alright so I was taking a ride with the trees yesterday and decided to play my electric guitar and had on of those moments where I felt like I learned a simple but genius concept. Here it goes, We have are five senses but how often do we engage in an activity solely for the purpose of training a specific sense? My thought here is that every human should pick activities such as playing an instrument or painting or any activity that reflects one of the five sense with the mindset that you are developing that particular sense. I am going to be picking out things to do now that reflect every sense, as of right now I do guitar-hearing,fighting-touch(I want to learn proper massage techniques as well), Archery and Video games-Sight, and I am unsure right now for smell and taste not sure what I want to do.


Fingers are dying, hand is cramping

The tips of my fingers feel raw and my hand is just worn out it feels like my hand has been running a marathon while doing the electric slide on the tips of my fingers. I can not wait until the pads build up on my fingers and my hand strengthens a bit. I started doing push ups on my fingers, do not know if this actually helps but whatever.

Learning to read music... again.

When I was in elementary school I played the violent violin and was quite good at it, but I was indecisive as to what I really wanted to play. I switched to the saxophone but quickly dropped out of that. Anyways the point is I have long forgotten how to read music and now am reteaching myself. On a side note the bow used with a violin is made out of horse hair and in order to play the saxophone you need this little wooden piece in the mouth area without it the thing is useless.  


Good and Bad Luck

I got my first guitar about a month ago and my brother broke the first string. I took it home and replaced all the strings with a new set and while tunning it I broke the fourth string. I felt fucking stupid because pretty the same thing happened not even a hour ago. Oh it is an acoustic guitar and dark blue around the outer body and fades into blue on the interior I just got an electric guitar two days ago and tuned it and every thing was cool. I noticed that the bridge was coming up though, its moves anyways for the whammy bar but is not suppose to be like that when not in use. So I pushed it back down(that was stupid) and my first string broke under the tension. I can't be mad though I got two guitars playing both daily and will be going to get strings this weekend. I will try and get some pictures up, do not have phone or camera right now.